In the early 2000’s while Mark was perusing a financial planning designation he realized that real estate was his true passion. Mark joined his sister, Marlena Corbo and Chris Kelos in facilitating the insolvencies of institutional held real estate. With an average of three hundred sales annually, exposure to this dynamic yielded diverse and foundational experiences. Proficiencies from representing Sellers and Purchasers from multimillion dollar luxury homes to multi-unit dwellings have proven to be successful in real estate transactions in every sense. Exploiting his capabilities in contracts, negotiations, marketing campaigns and tapping into his professional resources enables Mark to skillfully structure deals designed to be the most savvy, cost-effective solution never compromising his fiduciary commitment. "The clients interest always comes first".
Mark prides himself on being a personalized turnkey real estate solution. His unwavering dedication to his clients can best be defined by his “full-service real estate” approach. An unremitting work ethic, personable, professional character and top-notch service allows Mark to gain the trust of Buyers and Sellers rendering solid and forever lasting relationships.

At Home
Mark resides in King City, with his Wife and three kids. “I love King, I’m deeply tied to the community emotionally and economically. I have been a part of this community since 1997 and in my opinion, it’s the best place to live whether in an estate setting or in one of the newly crafted subdivisions. It’s a magical place to raise a family”. Beyond family and real estate, you
will likely find Mark sipping on a glass of Barolo, trying to cook a Thomas Keller dish, lowering his handicap or watching a Leaf game.


Student of Wine and Spirit Education Trust Level 3
Food and Cooking Enthusiast
Member of Men’s Oak Ridges Hockey League