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Villanova College is an independent, Catholic school committed to the Augustinian values of unitas, veritas and caritas, meaning unity, truth and love. Since 1999, the School has prepared young men and women for university, for leadership and for life. Villanova educates its students in a caring environment focused on academics while maintaining a balance between spirituality, arts, athletics and community involvement.

Villanova is a tightly knit family that supports and challenges students in grades 4 through 12, as they become independent critical thinkers so that they may lead with integrity. Challenge, community, care and respect are the key characteristics of our school. Our high academic standards are supported by a caring and involved faculty that serves to help each student reach his/her potential. Villanova College is a special place that recognizes and takes great pride in our students' academic achievements, aptitude in the performing arts, athletic excellence and Christian Service and community spirit.

To learn more about the Villanova experience, please contact Ms Kristen Figliano at or by phone at 905.833.1909 extension 367.

The Country Day School

As a school of balance, we don’t operate from a “one size fits all” approach. Instead CDS differentiates instruction and seeks to meet the individual needs of each student. This approach is in everything we do. We cultivate the passion a child brings with them, or help them to discover one here.

Academically, we want our students to be open to different academic subjects and styles of learning. Our faculty are constantly checking and enhancing the curriculum – all with an eye on providing students with opportunities to achieve success.

Athletically, we encourage them to try their hand at multiple sports early on until they find those that they truly enjoy.

Artistically, we offer numerous opportunities for CDS students to explore the arts, whether that be on the stage, in the concert hall, or at an easel. 

When it comes to developing leadership skills, there are numerous extra-curricular opportunities at CDS and students are encouraged to participate and play a role in fine tuning everything from the activities offered, to the direction they take. Character building is an underlying theme in everything we do.

The Country Day School is a school where students are encouraged to sprint for a try on the rugby pitch; continue their pursuit of the saxophone in the Jazz Band; and lead a Social Justice Club meeting after school. 

It is an exhilarating pursuit of individual interests. It is what we call education with balance. Our recent graduates articulate this philosophy beautifully in a series of video vignettes entitled Portrait of a CDS Graduate.


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Guided by Gospel Values and Catholic Virtues, in partnership with home and Church, we educate and inspire all students to reach their full potential in a safe and caring environment. Our students will become creative and critical thinkers who integrate Catholic Values into their daily lives, as socially responsible global citizens.


Principal: Loretta Barone

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Schooling in the village of King City dates back to a two-room school house known as School Section No. 2 Springhill.  In 1873 the Municipal Council of King Township held a public meeting at Mr. John Hogan’s Hall to form the new school section to accommodate the growth occurring at the crossroads of King Road and Keele Street. 

The school was later renamed Doris M. Patton when Eva L. Dennis school was built in 1959.  Both schools were named after teachers who taught at S.S. No. 2 Springhill. 
In 1966 King City Senior School was built and the doors of Doris M. Patton School closed.  The township sold the old school house to the Local St. Andrews Presbyterian Church and named the surrounding land Doris M. Patton Park.

Sue Milne
Becky Green
25 King Boulevard
King City, ON
L7B 1K9
Phone: (905) 833-5115 , (647) 795-7603
Fax: (905) 833-0482